Preparatory Course In Belarus

Course ID
Entry Level
Teaching Mode
English and Russian
Every Fall

Preparatory Courses train foreign citizens in subjects necessary for the admission to institutions of higher education of environmental, medical, natural-scientific, and technical profile. During the training students study the following subjects: Biology, Chemistry, English, Russian, Physics, Mathematics.

The teaching process is conducted in Russian and English languages.

After the program completion, students obtain the certificate of state standard.

Form of training – full-time. The training is on a paid basis. Term of the training – 36 academic weeks.

Foreigners, who do not speak Russian, have the opportunity to undergo training at Preparatory Courses for Foreigners «Russian as a foreign language» with 3, 6 or 9 months term of study. The courses include 3 types of programs: 240, 480, and 840 hours of study respectively. The Institute has a necessary number of training materials, textbooks, and test materials for students to master their Russian in a short term.

The training is conducted taking into account national and cultural characteristics of students in the comfortable conditions of individual approach to each student.

High professionalism of the teaching staff and the use of various forms and methods of work provide effective and quality training of students.

After the program completion students obtain the certificate of successful completion of Russian language courses.

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